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Psychic Compass

How you approach a psychic reading can make it a worthwhile experience or not. You can set the tone by pointing the reader in the right direction. Preparing before you go to your reading is important.

People have readings for fun, like at a fair and/or others might use a psychic reading to gain insight for advice making serious life decisions. Approaches to a reading can differ from the attitude of “tell me what you see” to those who have specific questions. Which way is the best approach?

Preparing questions for a psychic reading will definitely give you more for your money and time. When you prepare before your appointment you are in control of your destiny. For instance, asking a reader to tell you anything is like stopping your car and asking for directions and when asked where are you going, you answer wherever you direct me is similar going to a reading without a prepared direction.

Even if you are stopping by a booth at a fair you can quickly prepare by thinking of one, two or three areas of your life you wish insight into. One question can take about five minutes to answer without the reader elaborating. If it’s a 15-minute reading most likely two or three questions be can discussed.

Most popular questions are about love, money, career and health. Parents often ask about their children and spouses about the other spouse. Others ask about education, travel and also spirituality – karma. Forget asking for lotto numbers. If the reader knew the winning numbers she’d be doing something other than working for a living.

State your question simply. No need to elaborate, but don’t play games with the reader. It’s waste of your time. Be willing to part with some information about your topic. For instance if you asking about a love interest and the reader asks for her/his name, give it. No need to tell the reader everything about the person, your feelings and thoughts about him or her. Let the reader pick it up psychically.

Structure your questions to gain as much as possible from the reader. Rather than asking “Will I have love?” say, “I wish to share my life with a love partner. How does that look for me?” The latter lends to a more detailed answer.

You want to get as much information needed so prioritize before the session and if you have a thirty-minute reading you want the most important issues answered first. Write your questions and the day of prioritize them.

Near the end of the session you might ask, “Is there anything else for me?” – just in case you’re not aware of an important issue at hand or coming up in the future.

Remember a reading is to gain insight to help you make decisions therefore take control and use it as such.

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