Pisces horoscope 2016: Love and Career Forecasts for New Year

Pisces horoscope 2016: Love and Career Forecasts for New Year!

2016 is a year without nasty surprises and challenges for Pisces. Luckily, Pisces have had Saturn in financial sector since October 2009 after some real challenges and ups and downs and the star will continue to hold the account until the 6th October. Since that time, Uranus will showdown your income sector until 2019; hence, February, March and April are likely to be lucrative months. 2016 is also an important year for relationships with Mars spending an epic 8 months in your relationship sector. Mars, along with Jupiter and Pluto, makes the first half of the year in particular extremely important for relationship and friendship building. On the 12th June, Jupiter will return to home and family sector, having an expansive 12 months for home and family matters. There will be big changes on the home and family happening between June 2016 and June 2017.

Love and Career Forecasts in 2016, some good financial results!

After some tough years in finance, Saturn will be at the very end of your financial sector when you move to the New Year. The star will return on 8th February until 25th June which is a good period for you to retrace your steps. Uranus, planet of surprise and synchronicity, will shine on your income sector until March 2019 and provide a progress of upward curve for you.

Love and Career Forecasts in 2016, Creative Skills!

Many Pisces are well-known for such creative skills. Thanks to the feature, they go into careers such as medical profession, becoming doctors, nurses, technicians, surgeons, and paramedics. Some others are interested in being singers, actors, filmmakers, and other such creative professions. Working hard to achieve the glamour will probably be the case for Pisces in 2012

Love and Career Forecasts in 2016 for Couples!

Being among the most romantic people on the planet, Pisces are apt to be as strong as steel in relationships in 2016. In addition, Pisces and their partners are musically or artistically talented. Once Pisces find the right mate, they will very likely be with their partners until death. Pisces couples are likely to have several children.

Pisces are bright, artistic and pretty shy. These features can guide them to other types of people as Pisces prefer, most likely introduced by the third parties. Pisces don’t like being hurt hence they possibly work things out when having problems.

Love and Career Forecasts in 2016 for Social Life!

As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, Pisces’ strength and inclinations typical will be significantly showed off. Thanks to this energy, Pisces’ interests and pursuits in the arts will also benefit. Pisces will find themselves focusing on more than one goal in this year.



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