Free Angel Readings

Angel cards are full of motivational and inspirational words and phrases. Inspired by the angels, the deck may include from 36 to 100 or more cards. The deck is illustrated with pictures of angels or gorgeous spiritual images. People use angel cards for meditation or divination. Less creepy than tarot cards, the angel cards does not require special training and can be employed within minutes of opening the deck. Most decks have a booklet of information providing further information about each card or recommended a variety of ways you can use them. Let’s discover Free Angel Readings and see what they can bring to human beings.

1. How many types of Angel Card Decks are there?
Free Angel Readings

There are several types of Angel Card Decks, such as Archangel Michael Deck, Archangel Oracle Cards, Archangel Raphael Deck, Ascended Masters Deck, Daily Guidance Oracle Deck, Goddess Oracle Cards Deck, Healing with Angels, Healing with the Dolphins, Healing with the Fairies, and so on. Each deck contains loving messages from numerous divine beings. In addition to the literal meaning of the cards, the reader has to attract intuitive messages from the angels and divine beings, relating to the client’s question or situation.

2. What is Free Angel Reading?

Angel card reading is an intuitive guidance received from a person’s guardian angels, higher angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and other divine beings. During the reading, the reader will connect to the subtle universe and attempt to hear the funneled guidance that the client’s guardian angels are trying to tell him/her. Therefore, you can consider Free Angel Reading as a ‘staple diet’ for your life, which you receive through the divine channels as every event of your life decided by your destiny before incarnating. Thanks to the reading, you can avoid tragic traumas and head toward a better, brighter life.

3. How is Angel Reading different from other psychic readings?

Unlike horoscope or any normal psychic reading, free angel readings are not completely psychic because they not only answer your questions but also indicate your innermost issues, challenges, and patterns that are responsible for the karma in your life. It brings out the problems and their relevant solutions, healings, and prayers. In a word, the reading is simply advice and guidance from the sources of the spirit and in sync with your life plan. Therefore, angels are not mere fortune-tellers but also spiritualists and mentors who bring us onto our divine path of life.

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