Free Angel Card Reading

Angel cards consist of affirmations and easy-to-understand words of guidance. Messages on angel decks are always inspiring and positive. They are compatible with people of all ages and are totally safe for children to use. Children are excellent with angel cards since they have no fear of them. Today we are going to talk about Free Angel Card Reading!

Preparing to read the cards
Free Angel Card Reading

First of all, you need to prepare a reading table with a glittery table cloth of fabric like silk or velvet. The different fabrics and colors you choose will help to let your personality shine. Next, you can put a few crystals on your table. Smaller tumbled stones look gorgeous, and you might want to hold one while you do your reading. You can also put one or two special stones in front of you to empower the reading.

Fresh flowers are nice but just a small, low arrangement. This helps bring ‘life’ to the reading. It is advisable to use white or pink flowers, but if you prefer other colors, use these. Somebody prefer to add things from nature like a shell or pebble.

What about having one figurine on your reading table? It could be an angel, faerie, or whatever feels spiritual to you. Your figurine represents your mentor, so if you feel close to a certain type of animal (a cat, dog, or owl, for example), add one of these. It is very normal because many people have animal mentors! Your figurines could be made of any kind of material, new or old, plaster or simply something you made yourself.

You can use an incense stick to add scent. You can try Nippon Kodo Incense or Morning Star Incense, and then you will never want to burn any other. Besides, you can search for special incense that has been produced specifically for angel work. Finally, if you do not like incense and prefer a natural candle, you can put an aromatherapy oil burner on your table. Add a few drops of the scented oil to the water and then it will infuse the air around you.

Now it is time for Free Angel Card Reading! Put your mind on the deck; concentration on the question when you are shuffling the cards. Choose the spread you like, and then flip the cards to see its symbols and meanings. Angel Cards allow you to see visions and hear whispers from the subtle world. Good luck, and do not forget to tell us your experience!

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