Difference between Chat Room Live Chat and IM

Difference between Chat Room Live Chat and IM

Difference between Chat Room, Live Chat and IM

No one thought something could be better than telephone when it was invented, which made communication easy. People started talking to others in a much simpler way when compared to posts and letters. But technology is something that surprises everyone, and then mobiles were introduced. And when you look at today’s world there numerous ways one can speak to other via internet technology. Online communication is the buzz word today and most common way of conversing over internet is email, IM, Chat, Forums, Live Chat, VoIP and Social Networks. Of course lot other things can be done using such means such as exchanging music, videos, pictures etc. So what are the difference between Chat Room, Live Chat, and instant messenger? Well, there are few major difference among all three listed below apart from just being a way to communicate. 

Chat Room – A chat room can be described as a virtual place (website or a part of it) on web where people from different places gather in one place online and text chat with other. Once you enter the chat room, you will locate various users online and you are allowed to send the text message to anybody. Further you can also chat with multiple people simultaneously who are online. All you need is computer with internet connection and a client programs with IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Chat room was started as text message where topics like, sports, entertainment, and policies were discussed. However with growing technology today we have chat room with voice and video system incorporated. Lot more things like including 2d/3d avatar, purchase virtual things can be done at Chat Room. 

Live Chat – Live Chat Software is a program designed to respond to customer’s query and serve them in real-time via chat technology. Live chat system can be installed over any particular website where the visitors of it can request for the chat for getting any information they may need. Operator on other hand will reply directly to the visitor using live chat. This has turned really popular over past couple of years as the way of customer support and sales tool where users can text chat right from the website. Common live help programs are web based and usually designed in PHP. Some of the live chat software is available at no cost and some may require minimum charge. Installation process might include a registration followed by downloading. There are lot of benefits come along with live chat software apart from communication. Some of the benefits may include, real time visitor tracking based on location and habit, instant help to visitors, effective customer support, fast and reliable solution, increase in proactive sales.

Instant Messenger – Instant Messenger (IM) is the most popular way of online communication. This is more like chat room yet diverse, here you can communicate with people with via a small chat window by just typing the text and clicking on send. There are lots of free IM tools available around the web such as Yahoo Messenger, AOL and MSN that allow you to create an account to use the tool. All these tools allow you to make contact list, which will display which of your contact is presently online, offline, available, or away. By just clicking on the name of person you wish to chat, a window will pop up and you can start sending text message. Instant messenger are best to ensure privacy as it is only between you and other person and is password protected. Modern technology has incorporated things like video and voice chat also. Further you are also allowed to share images, music and more such things.

Whether you use chat room, live chat or IM, each of them are particularly designed to communicate and enhance your web experience. So do make the best use of such great tool without violating the terms and condition!

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