Chat to Text – Send a Text Online and Live Chat With Customers and Friends

Chat to Text – Send a Text Online and Live Chat With Customers and Friends

If you have not heard yet you are now able to communicate with your website or blog visitors via live chat from your cell phone or with your PC with one application for one low monthly price.  The application also works with your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace.  There is no doubt that potential customers to on your websites are the hottest while they are looking at what you have to offer.

Most people would rather not pick up the phone or send an email if they have questions. Having a live chat software installed on your sites can solve all or most issues you have with converting those visitors into customers. You see websites like and using this type of software for one reason. It works.

This application is flexible and most of all affordable. If you are a busy working professional on the go you probably will not be in front of your computer all day long as you are most likely out in the field. Realtors for example, who have listings pages would greatly benefit from having a live chat software installed. This application allows you to communicate with these prospects from the comfort of your own cell phone insuring you never miss another hot prospect to one of the competitors.

You get a simple HTML code you are able to put on an unlimited amount of websites and blogs. A simple icon appears on your site inviting them to chat with you if they have any questions. This messages are sent to your cell phone or to your PC if you are in the office and works with most cell phone carriers.

Live Chat Software applications can be very expensive and not provide the flexibility this new one does allowing you to communication from your cell phone. A greater number of people are working from their phones could use this type of application and the good things is this company will pay you a small residual for referring others to their service.

For more information on this live chat application go to Chat To Text were we discuss the different uses of the Live Chat Software to use on an unlimited about of websites and blogs for one low monthly fee.

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