Am I Psychic? Understanding Psychic Tests

Am I Psychic? Understanding Psychic Tests

Have you ever heard the phone ring and known who was calling? Do you often have a feeling of déjà vu, a sense that you’ve been somewhere or done something before? If so, you may have had a flash of psychic ability.

Being psychic means that you “know” information on a particular subject without being conscious of having that information. But how can you know if you’re truly psychic or just a “good guesser?”

One way to determine how psychic you are is to take a psychic test. There are several types of online tests available. Most of them work by checking how well you do when asked to predict randomly chosen events, while some tests ask you to actually try to influence events. Due to the nature of online psychic testing, most of these tasks are testing ESP, or extrasensory perception. Keep in mind that this is just one of several types of psychic ability.

One well-known psychic test is based on a set of cards called Zener cards. This is a fun test to do online as your results are immediate and the computer will tell you how your results compare to chance. The Zener cards have five different shapes on them. The computer randomly chooses a card, and then you try to pick the same card. In most cases, the more trials you run the better you get at choosing the right card.

Another type of psychic ESP test uses a color wheel. You choose the color that you think the computer will display next, and are awarded points based on your choice. This test is similar to the Zener cards, as you’re being asked to predict future random events.

Some other types of psychic tests are in a more traditional question and answer format. The questions can have several different focuses. For example, one test has questions pertaining to your daily life. In this test, the answers will help you to determine whether you often “know” things ahead of time or how empathetic you are to the feelings of those around you. Other tests focus more on how well you can predict things, such as what images may be hidden or picking certain numbers.

Remote viewing is the ability to “see” places, people, or objects that are not in your actual line of vision – you are seeing something in your mind. This is a fun test to try with a friend. Have your friend place a picture of something in an envelope and seal it. Of course, you shouldn’t have seen the picture beforehand. Then, quiet yourself and simply focus on the envelope. Don’t concentrate too hard, but just relax and let the image come to your mind. Then, write down what you see in the picture. You may be amazed when you compare the picture to your written description!

Psychic tests cannot give you a definitive answer to a question of whether or not you’re psychic. But if you consistently get good results, they may very well lead you to further exploration.

Keith Ward is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants, which offers Psychic Readings with fully qualified Psychic Readers and Senior UK Clairvoyants.

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